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Manhole Repair Video

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Commercial Concrete repair is a fact of life and Concrete crack repair will be found in both commercial and domestic environments. Cracked concrete wall repair will include concrete repairs such as:

  1.  Basement Wall Repair
  2.  Sewer tank Repair
  3.  Water tank Repair
  4.  Utility Vaults
  5.  Parking Structure Repair
  6.  Manhole Repair
  7.  Elevator Shaft Repair
  8.  Below Grade Structures of all types
Manhole Repair

Manhole Repair

You can be assured of the fact that if there is concrete there will eventually be a concrete crack. Leaky concrete cracks will contribute to ugly water stains, efflorescence, spalling concrete, rusting of metal and moisture damage of all types.

Commercial Concrete repair is often referred to in the following terms:

1. Manhole Repair
2. Concrete Grout Repair
3. Grout Injection
4. Chemical Grout Injection
5. High Pressure Injection
6. Commercial Concrete Repair

Phil Russell (The CrackMaster) is well known for his expertise in foundation crack repair and all types of Commercial Concrete Repair. On this particular day Phil is doing a below grade Manhole Repair.
Using the most advanced grouts and resins Phil will seal leaks in manholes that will stop any ground water from entering. This type of manhole repair and manhole injection is done without digging or rebuilding and is a more cost effective solution.
This manhole repair certainly qualifies as a below the waterline crack repair and it is amazing to see the transformation of gushing water to a properly and professionally sealed concrete crack that shows no more signs of water penetration.


What is Chemical Grout Injection?

When it is applied chemical grouts mix very quickly with water, as a result the chemical grout effectively penetrates wet joints, cracks in concrete and even the surrounding soil.

When chemical grout reacts with water it forms a wall of waterproof mass, that will stop water that is penetrating into the structure. Generally speaking there are two types of polyurethane grouts, they are hydrophobic and hydrophilic grouts.

The Hydrophobic grout system will work by repelling water as a result of expansion ( hydrophilics react and expand in volume when they make contact with water).

Both grouts are ideal for use on wet conditions and will plug a leak very quickly. Common applications for polyurethane injection are leaky basemensts, cracked concrete, concrete tunnels, swimming pools and below grade applications.

Phil’s company will service most of the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delta, Surrey and Langley.

Call Phil today for all of your Commercial Concrete Repair 604-614-2615


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