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The Causes of Foundation Water Leaks


Foundation Water Leaks


Every home and structure that has a foundation that is below grade can experience a wet basement or crawlspace. There are a many reasons as to why this happens and one of these is referred to as foundation water leaks.

Your house could have solid concrete walls or it could have a hollow core made of bricks or blocks bonded together at the seams or joints. There are many avenues that could allow water into the crawl space or basement and these may include:

Into your Walls

-Window wells

-Cracks in the foundation wall

-Tie rods

-Mortar seams and joints

-Porous concrete

-Penetration of moisture through any one of the following pipes that enter the basement: sewage, cable, water and gas.

– Foundation Concrete blocks as they are hollow

-Doorways and stairwells

Into your Floors

– Foundation Floor cracks

-Cove, where the wall and floor meet up

-Sump pit, if your sump pump has failed to stop working

– Plugged Floor drain

Apartments & Townhouses are Often need Foundation Repair

Apartments & Townhouses are Often need Foundation Repair

Water presents itself in four forms. The four forms are vapor, absorption, solid and liquid. Each one can be responsible for foundation leaks. The process to find leaks can be a challenge as water can change forms inside the home and in the materials in your home.

To find the source of foundation water leaks you would need a Foundation specialist to come and investigate your problem. Once the cause of the water leak is found the solution be mapped out and talked about.

The following elements in your home could contribute to water leaks in the foundation: drainage, soil, acid, brick, concrete blocks, bricks mortar and stone. You will usually notice cracks in your concrete walls, dampness, humidity and even a white powder.

Rain and flooding may be responsible for a build up of water in and around the soil located around the foundation. If this water is not moved away fast enough it can cause leaks in the foundation. Soil conditions could be a factor as an example clay may hold water for much longer than other types of soil.

Water is usually a the vehicle that causes a number of circumstances that contribute to overall destruction and decay in your foundation. Acids are present in the soil and water that surrounds your foundation. These acids are usually known as sulfates and are the main factor in the ongoing destruction and corrosion in concrete, mortar and foundations.

Soils types such as gravel, sand, silt and clay usually have a much higher degree in sulfates which show a PH level of below seven. Your concrete foundation, brick, mortar and stone have lime and calcium mixtures present which are above seven PH making them alkaline. The alkaline is what gives these materials structural integrity.

Acid that comes into contact with these materials neutralize the alkaline which then causes the materials in your foundation to be subjected to loss of integrity and corrosion. The acid is mainly found in water that enters the soil from rain and drainage.

These elements can cause major foundation damage over time. You can have these issues solved by consulting with Phil Russell who specializes in Foundation problems to assist you further with your foundation water leaks.

Phil can be reached at 604-614-2615 and services Foundation Water Leaks in the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Burnaby, New Westminster, Langley and Whiterock.


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