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Wet Basement Repair Vancouver

Wet Basement Repair

There is a chance you may need wet basement repair and you don’t even know about it…yet! Imagine this; you have a two level house with a full unfinished basement. The kids are at the age where they need a little room to grow and you decide to finish off the basement. There is a chance you have not even considered the future risk of your renovation getting wet.

You draw up the plans, price out the materials, and you and your buddies come to the conclusion you can do the work for $40,000. You start the job, all goes well and the new living space is finished just in time for the holiday season (also the wet season).

If you are considering finishing your basement it is also a good time to review the potential for a wet basement repair or a leaky basement situation. It is a good idea to be a little proactive in the review of your homes water management system, drainage system, or cracked foundation before you end up with a wet leaky basement, it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Other Warnings for Wet Basement Repair Review

1. The area smells wet or damp
2. Signs of effervescent on the walls
3. Signs of Wet or Damp concrete
4. There was  a  flood once, but it hasn’t happened again and nothing is wet
5. The house is a little older and you have never reviewed the water management with a professional
6. Your drain tiles have never been flushed or scoped

The main thought to take away from this article is: if you are going to invest in expanding your living area in the basement make sure your do a review of the home an inexpensive wet basement repair now could save you thousands of dollars later. In addition to saving you money you will end up with a peace of mind and your new living space will not have that wet, damp, mildew smell. You are better off enjoying your new space rather than worrying about it getting or being wet.

A reliable company should come to your home, evaluate your wet basement repair problem and if needed, be able to offer the best and most reliable wet basement repair possible. A reliable company will also offer a solid warranty when they are finished.

Locations Served

Phil Russell of Crackmaster Concrete services the entire Greater Vancouver Area. Phil can be reached at 604-614-2615.

We Offer:Wet Basement Repair and Leaky Basement Repair  in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, Burnaby, & The Greater Vancouver area.

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