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The need for some type of foundation repair in Vancouver BC, is not unusual. Sometimes the causes of foundation problems are obvious and sometimes not so much. In any event it is good to understand some of the common causes of a wet & Leaky foundation. The following list is a good starting point for your thought process.

Some Common Causes of a Wet Basement

1. Cracked Foundation
2. Leaky Window Wells
3. Failing Tile System
4. Poor grading of land near the house
5. Leaky & Plugged Gutters, and poor run off


Some Common Wet Basement Repair Solutions

1. Waterproofing
2. Foundation Crack Repair (From Inside or Outside)
3. Sump Pump
4. French Drain
5. Floor Drain
6. Drain Tile
7. Inspect & Clean Down spouts (point  away from the foundation)
8. Regrade landscaping (prevents wet soil against foundation)


Signs of possible need for Foundation Repair

1. Water stains on floors and walls
2. Signs of Efflorescence on the walls
3. Musty or damp smell
4. Spalling
5. Flooding

Possible entry points for water.

Possible entry points for water.

Basements are made of concrete and and usually below ground; so it is reasonable to think that they may be subject to water problems over time. Saturated soil against the walls could place  pressure on the foundation and create an opportunity for water to penetrate the walls create a wet leaky basement.

If you have basement water problems and you are in need of  foundation repair call an expert for advice. In most cases the cost of wet basement repair could be less than you expected and a dry basement is much healthier, less to worry about. You may also find yourself being able to  reclaim unused space that can be put to better use for the enjoyment of your family.

In hiring a contractor to perform your foundation repair, you should be able to expect that the contractor will do as he says he will do. He should show up on time at pre-scheduled appointments, explain carefully the procedure that he will be doing, and then performed exactly as expected in the approximate time frame indicated.  There should be no sudden surprises, and if there are they should be minimal, and handled appropriately.

Foundation Repair - Warranty

It is nice to have the peace of mind that your Foundation Repair Warranty can be transferred to New Owners if you every sell your home!

Foundation Repair Service Locations

Crackmaster Concrete services the entire Greater Vancouver BC Area. Phil can be reached at 604-614-2615.

We Offer: Foundation Repair  in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey

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